Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Sunday School lesson June 30

Summer Sunday School

This week’s passages are from Psalm 16:1-8 & Luke 9:51-62.

Psalm 16:1-8

Psalm 16 is a song of thankfulness and praise. David delights in God’s blessings and he expresses his gratefulness in terms of loyalty and devotion to God. The psalm was probably used years later by the people of God in much the same way as we sing our national anthem. It’s a wonderful song of both personal and community thankfulness.

‘Saints’ are mentioned in the third verse. They are not people from the past who are venerated for their holy beliefs; saints are people living in the present who serve God faithfully, which means that we are all saints in Christ’s eyes.

Questions for study and reflection

Where does David begin his song of thankfulness? Why does this cause him to delight in God?

David expresses that apart from God, he has nothing that is good. Does this way of thinking equate with our own spirituality today?

Why do you think David states that those who follow other gods will only see their sorrows increase? How do we interpret those words in a cosmopolitan and inter-faith world today?

Security and safety have a lot to do with David’s faith in God. How do those attributes affect our own faith?

At night, David experiences the counsel and instruction of God. Do we feel the same when we reflect upon our experiences at the end of each day?

Luke 9:51-62
This small passage contains two important issues that still effect Christianity today. The first issue concerns religious followers severely judging those who do not welcome faith into their communities. In a 21st century inter-connected world, this has become a major issue for all of the world’s great religions.

The second issue deals with being absolutely committed to Christ. We all lead terribly busy lives and even Christians are finding it difficult to remain fully dedicated to Christ and the church. Sports programs and leisure pursuits are constantly pinching time away from God. All of us are wrestling with what it means to truly serve Christ in a very busy, stressful, and over-committed culture.

Questions for study and reflection

What made James and John so angry with the people of the Samaritan village? What did the disciples actually expect of the villagers?

Why did the brothers want to destroy the village? How did Jesus respond? Why? What does this tell us about being judgmental?

How often do you think that people came up to Jesus and said they would follow Him? How many do you think actually followed through with this?

What excuses did people use for not following Christ immediately? What was His response?

Has Christ ever called us to serve His Kingdom in a special way? How did we respond to that invitation or call? Why?

What does being a Christian mean to us today? How do we actually follow and serve Him with our lives? What does being a Christian actually mean to Christ?

Any other thoughts or questions?

Next Sunday’s readings: Psalm 66:1-9 & Luke 10:1-11

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